Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TOP 10 Songs about the Southern States

One is submerged in a deep and rich history which tells many tales in the Southern United States.   So much culture derives from the region including the birth of many forms of music which influence the entire world today.  Music has captured both the glory and (at times) sordid history we live with below the Mason-Dixon line. Southerners live with both the scenic beauty and comic absurdity of the world's impression of us. Music is a form of storytelling and down here there are many a story to tell.  Here are ten songs- each named and inspired by one of the southern United States.  Each weaves a different tale for its audience in encompassing the scenery, the people, the flavor and the trials and tribulations of The South.

Bill Monroe - Blue Moon of Kentucky

Tori Amos - Virginia

Henry Thomas - Arkansas

James Taylor - Carolina in My Mind

Nina Simone - Mississippi Goddam 

Neil Young - Alabama

Ray Charles - Georgia on my Mind

Muddy Waters - Deep Down in Florida

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