Friday, November 22, 2013

IN THE DARK: 50 Years After JFK's Assassination

3.5in x 5.5in Miniature Portrait / Inks on Bristol / 2013
John F. Kennedy was a dangerous man.  Many of his ideas are still dangerous today.  After 50 years, it is near-certain we'll never know the details of the conspiracy to end his life and rob the United States of its new-found optimism.  Eisenhower warned a nervous nation in his farewell speech of the "military industrial complex" and the very real threat of profiting from war.  Kennedy took heed of these words and sought to draw out of Vietnam while trying to heal a segregated country with his compassion toward the need for Civil Rights.  Kennedy in turn warned the country of the danger of "secret societies," a term encompassing but maybe not even limited to the Federal Reserve, CIA, FBI and today the NSA (an organization to whose reach we are all subjected.)  I feel Kennedy sought transparency- the same transparency we still seek today after cold wars, after wars waged for profit, after wars waged for natural resources, after spying becoming an excepted reality and after we've awoken in the pitch dark to a new American nightmare.  The man who reaches for the curtain is a dangerous man to those who benefit from the shroud of secrecy.  The man who lets light through to our waiting eyes is a hero.

50 years after being murdered in the streets, JFK's words still ring hauntingly relevant today...


  1. Excellent choice of speeches

  2. Thanks Mortimer- I felt it was the most important of the material out there and quite possibly what got him assassinated.

  3. Thank you Brandt Hardin for sharing your video much appreciated.
    Take care Coreen


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