Thursday, November 28, 2013


For Thanksgiving today, I'm gonna try a bit more practicing in contrast to my preaching of recent years.  I think drawing the Thanksgiving Turkey scalping jolly Ol' Santa last year got most of my grievances with capitalism's distortion of our Holidays out of my system.  My wife and I have a lot to be thankful for this year.  For starters, we purchased our first house and have made it a home.  We've had the highest sales volume of my six years on at my day job as a Marketing Manger at RainSoft and now experience water the way it was meant to be in our own house.  In the midst of everything and working six days a week, we've managed to have wonderful times with friends and familY.  What a year making memories to last a lifetime!  As far as my art career goes, the chapters are still being written.  October saw my first solo exhibit in a couple of years with Soluble Fish at Space Gallery in Nashville.  However, today we're just one week away from my final exhibit of the year with our groundbreaking Multimedia Southern Pop Surrealism show (click HERE for MORE!)

With so much in my life to be gracious over, here I've narrowed down the 

10.  WATER

Water is the basis for all life as far as our human understanding of the Universe can tell.  All living things need water to live.  Our planet's surface is 71% water and up to 60% of the human body is water.  Access to clean drinking water is vital to human health and I'm lucky enough to have a day job where I help families gain access to water the way nature intended right in their own home.


As far as visual arts go, the camera is the most important invention since the brush.  The camera broke open the possibilities of art as there was no longer a need to simply capture realistic images in drawing, paint or sculpture.  Of course I also put my trusty camera and video camera to use giving you guys a front row seat into my life as an artist!


It's no secret I'm in sweet Mary Jane's Fan Club.  Pot has been utilized for its holistic and spiritual effects for thousands upon thousands of years by folks all over the globe.  One state at a time, America is coming back around to ending prohibition on this harmless herb.  I wouldn't go so far as to say I wouldn't be an artist without the ganja but it sure does help.


Historically speaking, artists have a knack for being a bit kooky.  As time has passed, we've come to realize many of those guys got the way there were from having to mix their own paints with the materials at their disposal.  One of the benefits of living in the space age is markers!  No fuss, no muss and no mess- just straight color at your fingertips!


The older I get, I realize the importance of archiving the world's masterpieces.  There's nothing more inspiring to me than seeing art up close and personal, nevertheless works which are hundreds of years old.  This is what makes organizations which do so vital to preserving the culture and history of the human race.  Find one local to you and pay them a visit.  The ten bucks you drop at the door goes a long way toward doing so.


The world wide web truly dropped us all into the lap of the revolution which is Global Communication.  Today (and tomorrow and the next,) tens of thousands of people will see my art from practically every country in the world.  It's vital to freedom of speech and communications that the world continue to stand on the issue of Net Neutrality.


This is something that certainly comes with age.  Art has taught me patience in life but also vice-versa.  As the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day.  If you want to accomplish any lot in life, persistence is the key to success.  Visualize and realize.  Focus on your dreams.


We all have a mind's eye.  Some are more in tune with different frequencies than others.  Art is simply the transmission and translation of what pours through that portal at the ajna shakra.  By creating our art from what we think and feel and in turn see, we are the speakers of the Universe's unknown language.  Click HERE for my artist's statement on the Third Eye.


Our interactions and exchanges with other people create bonds.  These bonds are permanent and infinite as we all serve as links in the chain of human existence.  My friends and family are my first and original audience.  Without the encouragement of those around me, I wouldn't create and share with the world what I do.  I love each and every one of you and am thankful for the directions you've pointed me.


My life was changed forever on September 29, 2007 when the most beautiful creature I'd ever laid eyes on walked into my art show.  A few drinks later, it was love at first sight.  My wife is my rock- she keeps me grounded and focused.  She's also a lightning storm of ideas and inspiration.  I can only continue to try and harness a fraction of what she gives me to give back to the world.


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