Sunday, November 17, 2013

Untitled Nashville's Swan Song, Undone

On the edge of East Nashville this evening, Untitled Nashville went out with a shoulder-to-shoulder bang as its finale brought together dozens of artists and performers in front of a massive audience.  The entire evening was filled with the meeting of many wonderfully gifted and creative minds looking to the future as well as reflecting on the past.  I was delighted to run into so many fellow artists (many whom I met through Untitled.)  At the end of the evening, a NOLA-style funeral procession was held weaving in and out of the walls of art following the eulogy for Untitled Nashville read aloud on stage.  This artists' collective evolved in many forms over the past 22 years and after tonight is laid to rest for the foreseeable future.  Here are some pics from tonight's exhibit...

Ryan Frizzell - "Robo Destructo"

Some Live Performances

More art including Ash Sivils (upper right)

with fellow creative Ash Sivils

Paul Fly Installation

Chad Spann came to drink beer... and smell the roses.

Funeral March!

Vaginas excite me, the DJ and most of the crowd apparently! 


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