Sunday, October 12, 2014


I suppose it's no coincidence I drew Michonne from The Walking Dead over the weekend. Season Five of the cult phenomenon debuts tonight!  I know all you zombie freaks have been doing the staggering pee-pee dance of the undead this week in anticipation.  To pass the time myself, I drew Michonne (and her pets) on a blank sketch variant I scooped up recently.  This beauty was a labor of love since Friday night with some intricate and time-consuming detail on the trees and chains.  Despite a good deal of pondering, I decided to go with a grey scale on this drawing just like the comic line of The Walking Dead.  She's filled strictly with set of Prismacolor Cool Greys and a little Black.  Enjoy the drawing and the show tonight! 

Undead process pics courtesy of the DREGstudios! Instagram...

Infant Stages of the Sketch

Final Sketch

Inking in Progress

Finished Linework

First layers of Greys

Some hot Colorless Blender reflections


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