Thursday, July 2, 2015

An Overdue Dose of Southern Pop Surrealism

This past Sunday, I got together with the Wolfman, Joey Melons and Mike McKelvey to crank out a series of paintings and soak up some perfect Tennessee weather.  The past few months have been a transitional period for me in my professional life hence my absence from and the easel and drawing table themselves.  In our long over-due painting session, we had one helluva art jam!  Here are the collaborative paintings we created...

Charles Bennett, Brandt Hardin and Joe Melanson collaboration

Sprayed Background

Trailers, Birds and Power Lines

Tripdych (from Top to Bottom:  Mike McKelvey, Charles Bennett and Brandt Hardin)

Totem Painting! (From Top to Bottom: Charles Bennett, Brandt Hardin, Mike McKelvey and Joe Melanson)

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