Friday, October 21, 2011

-10- COUNTDOWN to HALLOWEEN: Shirley Temple on the Zombie Walk of Fame

Zombie Shirley Temple (inks on bristol / 2010-11)
What do you do when you sketch and outline 100 zombies over the course of sixty or so days?  You throw them in a box in the corner of the closet for a year to get musty!  Last year, we counted down to Halloween with some creeeeepy process pictures of my zombifications of some of the 100 stars I picked from the Hollywood Walk of Fame for my new series, Zombie Walk of Fame.  I had sketched up all 100 and was posting the progress of outlining them all to build up to our favorite Holiday of Gorey and Gruesome Goodness.  We ended with a bang on October 31st of last year with my zombie portrait the original Hollywood Child Starlet, Miss Shirley Temple.  I felt it would be fitting to pick up where we left off, so she was the first of the series I colored today to start our new Countdown to Halloween 2011!  I'll post new zombies daily for you to dine your eyes upon as I start the process of coloring over 100 zombies for this upcoming series I'll be shopping around for a venue and publication next year!

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