Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Janis has been with me a long time.  One of my first memories from any genre of music was my father playing a cassette of Pearl in the car on his drive home from work.  I got off my bus at my father's small-town convenience store so our ride home was bonding time daily when my grandfather would relieve him from his shift.  Dad talked a lot about Janis which was rare for him to do with a musician or artist or any sort for that matter.  He despises celebrity worship to this day; however I think he was truly in love with Janis Joplin.
Janis Joplin (inks on bristol / 2011)

 If the sound of this woman's voice doesn't send chills up your spine exploding a nebula of emotions for you to soak up and bathe about in- well, you just aren't breathing.  Janis's voice carries her through generations... it's epic and immortal, guttural, depraved and devastating.  When you listen to it, take comfort that those notes will never be achieved again... you're hearing something unique and untamed for the first (or thousandth) time.

My illustration of Janis is for a special article coming soon to Rock Star Martyr based around the 27 Club which will also including my recent portrait of Jimi Hendrix.  Rock Star Martyr is an ongoing collaboration with Joebot this year as I draw these musicians for his articles which are published on their death dates.


  1. I hate to say this... but I was really hoping her boobs would be in the drawing.. she had a nice set.. I still appreciate it as well as you! Good job!! You did get her smile.. it's like I can hear her laugh! :D

  2. That's a really nice compliment! Thanks Mel!

  3. Great!!! Loved it... She was one of a kind... It is so sad to see so many untalented singers out there "breaking" or "matching" true legend's record and yet not able to hold a note when singing live... Janis was unique!


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