Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dirty Words Come Undone

I spent this past Sunday morning painting with The Wolfman over at his house and recording what went down (in case we managed to make anything good.)  We busted out another couple of panels which we had prepped months ago with colorful words and abandoned.  Of course the plan was always to cover them and time was up for these foul utterances.  Wolfie and I originally planned to swap up and each paint on both panels but somehow a story began to form when we went in to start our first painted characters.  We let the sick twisted power of the Universal Spirit of Art take hold of us and tell it's tale.

It took a couple of days for me to decide what music to use on this video.  Usually I just play around listening to stuff until something sticks and I didn't even know where to start here with the dirty words.  Seeing old friends recently probably had something to do with my friends FSN and their cover track of "Come Undone" recorded eons ago in 2004 getting stuck in my head.  The members of the band have all moved on to other pastures and projects but you can still jam out to their solid twist on metal by clicking right HERE!  Here's the video in all it's Nu Metal Lowbrow glory...

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