Saturday, March 10, 2012

LIVE Painting at Meet 'n 3

Tonight I joined a slew of local crafters (and a few more visual artists) for Meet 'n 3 at The Nashville Farmer's Market.  Metro Arts has put together this unique event where a dozen local food trucks fill up one end of the Marketplace while live music and craft vendors set up for the crowd inside the food court area.  I brought along some paintings I did back in January for My Hero / My Villain along with a variety of books and prints.  The gorgeous spring day put some pep in my step so I decided to go all out tonight and take my easel along for a live painting!

Click Here for Nashville Food Trucks' Website and read more about what sort of cuisine you can grab on the go when you come down next month for the Meet 'n 3!

I met a very cool lowbrow artist who I swapped a couple of prints with this evening!  Her name is Emma Klingbeil and you can Click HERE for her Etsy Store to see much more of her work!  She also needs some traffic worthy of her delightfully creepy creations and if you're visiting me here, she'd probably find you as a satisfied audience by visiting her Facebook Page!

Aurora chose "Paper Cut-Outs" and I picked out "My Shadow" from Emma's wide collection of prints she had available!  She also had some very interesting shadowbox work with clay figures and painting!

I recorded my painting to time-lapse in the usual fashion over the weekend.  Of course, this requires a dozen or so hours of editing and encoding so check back by Monday and I'll have it live!

My tiny Kodak Play Sport camera is the most convenient toy ever- I can't say enough good things about it considering it shoots HD and is practically indestructible and can even go underwater!  No, I haven't tried to paint underwater... yet.
Here's a couple of screen shots from the video

I'll have this one up after the weekend!

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