Friday, March 9, 2012

Zombie Richard Pryor ON FIRE!!!

Zombie Richard Pryor!
I've still been staggering down the Zombie Walk of Fame and getting a full helping of the undead this week as I've pounded through and colored another dozen of my 101 creepy celebrity zombie portraits for my upcoming series.  Having the outlines done on all of these, I posted some pics on my Facebook Page this week of groupings of the illustrations in progress to let fans choose who I would fill in the colors on that night.  From yesterday's post, the people spoke and chose Mr. Richard Pryor!  In the process of coloring, I had a moment of inspiration to create a new video of the process which I've also posted below!

Fans had the choice of seeing Zombie Olivia Newton-John, Zombie Kevin Bacon, Zombie John Ritter or Zombie Richard Pryor!

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