Friday, March 30, 2012

UNCENSORED: Queer Art and the Church

Fred Phelps: Burning Gay / 2011 / inks on bristol
Last year, I took on the subject of one of the Lord's most insidious and demonic creations in Fred Phelps- a man who's life work is spreading his message of HATE (and the joys of bedding Capitalism with American Justice by suing people who challenge and abuse his flock.)  Poor old Fred has some misdirected anger issues and a mental disorder affirming to him that he's God's vessel for hatred.  With the help of some friends, we put him in his own little Queer Hell full of neon pink fire, unicorns, faeries and all that goes with an Apocalyptic time which allow for same sex love and equality.  Freddie boy came to mind again recently when my friend Myron passed along some information on UNCENSORED: Queer Art and the Church to me.  The exhibit in New York City this weekend is unique in it is uncensored by every definition of the word!

In response to the Catholic Church's recent call for censorship of the high-profile "Hide/Seek" exhibit (which recently appeared—uncensored—at the Brooklyn Museum), Leslie-Lohman is doing the opposite of censorship—it's exhibiting everything that's submitted for this show without editing, curation or interpretation (as long as the work doesn't run afoul of state or federal laws). 

I jumped at the opportunity of getting my portrait of Phelps on the wall at this exhibit.  I was delighted it was accepted and only wish I could have made it up to NYC this weekend for the show!

You can Click HERE for last year's article about Fred Phelps and the portrait I created!

Click HERE for my blog about the Nashville Pride Festival last year, where I exhibited Fred Phelps: Burning Gay to the public!

UNCENSORED: Queer Art in the Church opened this week at Leslie-Lohman Museum.  If you can't make it in person this weekend, here is a great video of the exhibit which was posted!  My art shows up under the 1 min mark...


  1. glad you submitted! looks like a cool show! wish I could've went also. it's rare for me to wanna visit NYC, but this would be one of those occasions! of course I'll keep you posted on any other art submissions that could work for ya! hugs.

  2. Congratulations, Sir. Your take on Fred ranks up with some of my favorites of your work. I think it's the Unicorn that sells the whole thing.


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