Sunday, August 5, 2012


I got in a nice backyard session of Southern Pop Surrealism today painting with my usual cohort in art crimes, Charles "Wolfman" Bennett and a special guest as The American Printmaker himself, Jesse Shaw joined us.  Our friends Brad and Heather also dropped by to keep us company with good conversation.  Ominous storm clouds crept past and lingered all day but didn't keep the painting at bay.  Thunder rolls as I write and set up this post for you tonight.  After Spray painting a background, we dove into group painting mode and pulled out a pretty cool seen..  Here are some process pictures from this afternoon as Charles painted a Zombie Alien with a decapitated farmer's head.  Meanwhile Jesse painted the distressed cock gazing up at the flying vaHina launching from my alien craft...

We used some pickings from the lawn to stencil out a background... inspired by local legend, Richard Hogan

Jesse and Charles laying down their groundwork

The Farmer's Head.... Dang


Finished Product / Spray Paint and Acrylic on Wood / 2012

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