Saturday, August 25, 2012

EXQUISITE CORPSES on St George Island (Part Deux)

A week on the island here lying just off of the Forgotten Coast of Florida seems like a day, a moment, a breath, a flash in the pan anywhere else in real time.  Tomorrow morning we head back home to Tennessee all too soon but with new memories, experiences and about 700 pictures which Aurora and I took throughout our 7 days in paradise.  Here are some more collaborative drawings I worked on this week with Joe and Aimee Davidson here at Aargh House along with The Wolfman.

Click HERE for the first group of "exquisite corpses" I posted earlier in the week.  

Here's some more pics from the week along with the drawings...

One of countless wonderful shots Aurora got through the week!

We found this massive metal relic along one of our beach walks

Sketch Charles did of Joe Davidson with his Trusty Chainsaw

Aurora and I at the Salt Marshes of The St George Island State Park

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