Monday, August 20, 2012

SPACE and EQUALITY (Passing Through Alabama)

Sunday, my wife Aurora and I ventured through the entire state of Alabama in route to our ultimate destination and much needed vacation at St. George Island in Florida.  We stopped to take a gander at the work of some of my personal heroes at NASA as we crossed the state line from Tennessee.  We got  a few pictures of the Saturn IB rocket at the NASA Informational Center.  This rocket was an early model of what eventually landed American astronauts on the Moon nearly half a century ago.  Space exploration is one of man's greatest achievements and our friends have gone much further this past year by putting the Mars Rover into action!

We wanted to take our time on vacation this year and stopped for the night half-way to the beach house in Montgomery Saturday night.  The town is a very historic being the crossroads for the African American Civil Rights struggle.  We jumped at the chance to take in some of the more important spots before leaving town Sunday morning.  

Keep scrolling for some great pictures Aurora took of the Rosa Parks Musuem and Monument, The Civil Rights Memorial and The Minister's House...

These beautiful relief works line the outside walls of the Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University

It gave me goosebumps to stand at the stoop of the house MLK lived at.  He addressed and calmed the angry crowd from these steps when the house was bombed in 1956.

Random Alabama

Red Light Jacuzzi  Room at The Alabama Hotel

Stay tuned throughout the week for a couple of more updates with some of the art we make down here on the island!

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