Tuesday, August 21, 2012


My wife Aurora and I are on St George Island in Florida this week for our vacation with the Bennett and Davidson clans.  With free time on our hands and a house full of creative people, we're creating some art while we're here dodging in and out of the rain.  Only two days in, we're getting the relaxation the doctor ordered.  We created some "exquisite corpse" drawings the other night, rotating three illustrations between myself, The Wolfman and Aimee Davidson.  Here are the drawings along with some cloud and beach porn...

Front Yard of our rental house (after a good rain)

The tiny tree frogs are keeping us good company

Charles starting to paint a skate deck

Joe getting his art on carving some Tiki Faces!

Our little travel companion in the DREGstudios Wagon!

The Boardwalk

Footprints (We'll leave the Biblical references alone.)

No I don't paint my toes... Aurora is getting some wonderful pictures for us!

St George Island Light House

Cleaning Up After the Local Bears is Hard Work


  1. I love it when it rains in Florida. Sitting by the beach having a blast!!!

  2. It is just keeping things cool- we love it!


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