Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Illustrations for Tomato Art Fest!

"Attack of the Zombie Tomato" inks on bristol / 2012
This Saturday, East Nashville hosts its annual Tomato Art Fest!  The all-day event brings local vendors, artists and musicians to the Five Points area in a massive and cultural celebration of the Tomato!  Meg at Art & Invention Gallery also holds an exhibit of artwork every year inspired by tomatoes in which I've partook the past few years.

Here's some process pictures of the two new works I created for this year's art exhibit, my "Organic Buddha" and "Attack of the Zombie Tomato!"  Drop by Art & Invention Gallery Saturday to see these and dozens of other works from local artists!

Perspective picture of just how small those tiny Tomatoes are!

Finished Line Work

Initial Sketches for both Drawings

Starting out Small

Finished Line Work

"Organic Buddha" inks on bristol / 2012

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