Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11 Revisisted

Infamy is a sad state in which to find a specific date in history.  Most dates marked with remembrance are of celebration and referred to as holidays.  What do you call a day of remembrance such as 9/11?  It's a bizarro, bastardized version of a holiday.  We share recollections of where we were when the towers fell in a testimony to how time stopped in shock.  America (and much of the world) was glued to their television screens in an Orwellian trance.  Five years ago, I wrote of Living in a Society of Fear for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 (anniversary...another term which doesn't lend itself to define the occasion).  This year, I created a drawing from a different place- a place of finding peace.  In remembrance of tragedy, let us not be driven by fear.  Let us also learn from our mistakes- decisions as a nation made in rage and retaliation.  It is a turbulent world in which we live. We first have to find our inner peace then learn to share the space we live in.  This is the only world we have.

(Inks on Toned Paper - 9/11/16)

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