Tuesday, September 6, 2016


This past weekend, I spent a few days set up at the Baltimore Comic Con meeting thousands of fans, geeks and cosplayers who gave a wonderfully warm welcome to my artwork!  Thanks to everyone who took the time to speak with me at my largest (and most successful) event to date!  I really made some great memories staying with my sister last week and seeing the city.  I networked with some great artists and even got my first ever portfolio review by DeviantArt and WebComics who gave me some very encouraging feedback and pointed me in some new directions!  It was a hectic weekend and I was fortunate to find new homes for soooooo much art!  Here are a bunch of pics from the show which both I and my sister Becca took...

Becca caught Bob Ross getting lunch!

I was delighted to meet David Jablow whose art I followed on the internet for a while now... very cool stuff!  I picked up one of his books! Click HERE to check him out!

Process pictures from the DREGstudios Instagram of a Dr Doom illustration I created live at the show!

This Deadpool threatened to blow the whole damn place up....

...and this one did too!

A couple of great father and son teams... 

Joey and Heather from Twin Tiers Comic Con had a bunch of the artists draw on their canvas dress which they created!  At the end of the show, they donated it to The Hero Initiative to be auctioned off for the non-profit to help aging artists with medical and living expenses!  I was all too happy to help out!

Matthew Meyer has some very polished oriental-influenced illustrations I just loved!  I traded him for a couple so you should take a look at his site HERE!

Local Maryland artist Stephen Blickenstaff caught my eye while I was running around.  Check out his wicked works HERE!

Apocalypse live drawing from the weekend

This is what it looks like when a fire alarm gets pulled at a massive comic con!  (Long story)

Doodle I left on my table cover! 

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