Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Detroit really turned out to get their creep on this past weekend at Motor City Nightmares!  This was my first Horror Convention of the year and my first time in Michigan since I was a teenager.  Thanks to the entire show staff and all the loyal fans who turn out year after year to make this event successful!  You guys kept me busy and thoroughly entertained!  For those of you who don't know, I'm a Michigan native though I was raised here in Tennessee.  I felt like I got one heckuva homecoming with commission requests all weekend and a great reception to my art from both fans and guest alike at the show!  Here are some of the pics I snuck in over the wild weekend!

My first time displaying my re-imagining of Picasso's Guernica at a Con- it was a hit!
My Uncle Harry gave me a place to crash over the weekend and decided to come along for his first convention!  He had a blast and handed out nearly every bookmark and business card I had!

Joker and Harley Quinn commission for a fan I drew live at the show

Cool Body Painting! 

This client had a commission made for his girlfriend as a surprise! She loved it so much, they ended up requesting three more to make their own Sons of Anarchy series over the course of the weekend!

John Juan has some awesome artwork and you can check him out HERE!

Client with a Creature from the Black Lagoon commission drawing!

Client with a commission of her two studs from Supernatural

Yes that's a genuine Wayne County Prison jumpsuit!

Patrick Bateman had all the right touches to his cosplay...

Simpsons Commission!

Horror Icon Bill Moseley was cool enough to swap me a signed Devil's Rejects photo for a print of Guernica which he liked..  Turns out Bill's not just an actor but has a Degree in Literature from Yale so we wound up talking about Burroughs and Blake instead of movies! 

Scream Queen Kristina Klebe snagged an Alice in Wonderland print while we were packing up Sunday evening- thanks for the support gal!

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