Sunday, June 17, 2012

All the Colorful People of Nashville PRIDE 2012

Yesterday, my lovely wife Aurora and I set up the DREGstudios! Tent at Nashville PRIDE's 2012 Festival at Riverfront Park in Nashville.  PRIDE is the annual declaration of the GLBT community's existence to their local community and a gala which a variety of people dress up and go all out being their colorful wonderful selves.  This celebration serves as a platform for the gay community to be proactive socially and politically.  There was live music, dancing, singing, playing and swarms of folks who provided me with wonderful conversation about both their lives and my artwork which was on display.  Occupy Nashville came around with their live feed and gave me a brief interview about my work as well!  I thoroughly enjoyed setting up and speaking with such a diverse crowd of people with their third eyes wide open and their hearts on their sleeves.  We were blessed with beautiful weather and a beautiful crowd, which Aurora got a couple hundred pictures of but here are some of the best...

Some of the Nashville Skyline with the PRIDE Flags

Balloon Displays at the Main Stage

A Panorama shot of LP Field, the view from behind my tent

Another view from behind our tent with the Main Stage and Cumberland River.  This was early in the morning before things kicked off.

The DREGstudios! Tent

We were set up next to the log-built structure of Fort Nashborough, a Civil War monument.  The must smell of the old wood always gives me a nostalgia of the Log Cabin which still stood on my folks property when I grew up.

Aurora's Peace Feet
All the smiles and positive vibes couldn't keep some home-grown hate from showing up.  This IS the Bible Belt, after all!

Even the Westboro crazies put on a better show than these guys... get a life!  You can Click HERE for my portrait of the Good Reverend Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church (burning in his own personal little Queer Hell!)

A View of the Main Stage early in the day
Aurora with some colorful gals!

Our friends Chris and Donna with their daughter
Chris and Donna are to be married in three weeks!

The Gaggle of Geishas!

Click HERE for the Human Rights Campaign's website!
GLBT Chamber of Commerce

The General Jackson made a couple of passes... you think they realized it was PRIDE?

Hustler Hollywood Booth

This may be my favorite shirt from the day!

Great sign!

Of course, my Green Lantern shirt was a hit, since DC Comics just announced earlier this month that he was coming out as Gay!
Want some Green Lantern Art?  Check out my Heroes & Villains Illustrations for the 2012 World Sketchbook Tour!

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