Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[ ~ BrAiN SaLaD ~ ]

"My whole brain 
was out of tune
Whole brain was out of tune
I don't know how to tune a brain, do you?

Went into a brain shop
They said they'd have to rebuild the whole head

I said, "Well, do what you gotta do"

When I got my brain back, didn't work right
Didn't have as many... 
good ideas
Haven't really had a good idea since I got it fixed."


This has is a the Doodle... Click HARE fer zeeeeeee Doodlage!

(Detail from "Forty-Six and Two")

(Detail from "Topsy-Turvy: Wagga")

(Detail from a portrait of Ian Curtis for Rock Star Martyr)

(Detail from "Lova" from my upcoming Random Acts of Vibrance series!)

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